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Updated: Sunday, April 26, 2020


Due to more than expected registrations for our planned virtual (live Zoom video) tryout and to avoid extremely high attendance and overloaded Zoom calls, we have decided to ask that you send us videos of your player completing the four exercises on the videos below demonstrated by 2007 Player, KiKi Putnam. Feel free to add in a video of any special skills you want to show us (i.e. juggling, technical skill moves, etc...).

Should you have any questions about the instructions below, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Our Director (Tyler - 704-813-8649) also wants you to know that he will make himself available for questions should you have them. Feel free to reach out via phone or email


1. SIGN-UP FOR THE TRYOUT - If you have yet to register your player for the tryout, you can do so here


2. RECORD YOUR PLAYER - Find a safe, flat space to complete the exercises in the videos below. The player will need 3 cones or cups.

We are asking that currently registered girls submit tryout videos by Tuesday evening (April 28) and boys tryout videos by Thursday evening (April 30). If you need an extension, let us know. Be sure to keep the videos brief (15-30 seconds per each exercise is expected). 

3. SEND YOUR VIDEOS TO US - We prefer you upload the videos to Google Drive and then email us the link to watch the videos at If you are unable to upload to Google Drive (or Dropbox), you can upload to an email directly. Be sure to include player name when you email us. 

*We will not pressure you into registering with NC Crown until we are confident that we are able to make a team with similar level players out of those registered for the tryout. Additionally, we will make you aware of the coaching decision for your player's respective team prior to you being asked to register for the 2020-2021 Season.

**In order to be as transparent as possible and to help expedite the tryout process for both prospective players and NC Crown, emailed video entries will receive a response (via email) within a few days by an NC Crown staff member. The response will include 1 of the 3 categories: (1) PLAYER WILL BE OFFERED A 2020/21 ROSTER SPOT (2) PLAYER IS STILL BEING CONSIDERED FOR A 2020/21 ROSTER SPOT or (3) PLAYER IS NOT CURRENTLY BEING CONSIDERED FOR A 2020/21 ROSTER SPOT.

***We will hold a Zoom parent meeting this Thursday evening at 8pm. Please check your email on Thursday for the Zoom link.

Tryout Test 1: Figure-8 Dribbling

Tryout Test 2: Rolling Challenge

Tryout Test 3: Dribble for Speed

Tryout Test 4: Passing & Receiving