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Five Ways to Prepare for the Skills Competition

So, you’ve registered your child for the Kings Mountain Soccer Club’s Skills Competition coming up on May 6th. Now what? What skills will be assessed? Here are five ways you can better prepare your son or daughter:

Step 1 - Practice Throw-Ins

Put the ball in play. After an out of bounds play, the ball must be thrown in. A proper way to do this particular technique is to lift the soccer ball with both hands over your head. Thrust ball forward without lifting any feet off the ground towards a target.

Step 2 - Practice Dribbling

The ball is now in play and controlled by your teammate. In order to get the ball down the field, there are certain skills you can use to your advantage. Time to dribble. Once the ball is secured, you can advance down the field while running with the ball in front of you, keeping it close, alternating with both feet lightly tapping the ball to keep possession. Have a tough defender playing lock down defense? Time for some juggling.

Step 3 - Practice Juggling

Another helpful technique is juggling. This skill involves using various body parts like foot, knee, chest, or head to keep the ball in the air without letting it hit the ground between touches. Now you have shaken the defense off of you and have a wide open teammate with a clear shot at a goal!

Step 4 - Practice Passing

When passing, remember to use the inside of your foot and point your planter

foot at your target to get an accurate pass. Wow! Great pass! Your teammate

receives the ball and gets ready to take a shot at the goal and……

Step 5 - Practice Shooting

Take the shot! Like passing, plant your foot beside the ball, keep your ankle locked and strike the ball with the laces of your shooting foot while your toes are pointed down. SCORE!!!

Overwhelmed for your child? Don't be. This is not about being perfect, it's about having the courage to try. We'll keep your player encouraged!

There are many skills in the game of soccer, but these five will help you to strengthen your game and prepare for the competition in the skills contest! Overwhelmed? Don't be. This is not about being perfect, it's about having the courage to try. We'll keep your player encouraged! Encourage your child to stay relaxed, focus on their skills, and have a blast while doing it! We can't wait to see you at the competition! Not registered? No problem. You can do that here.


Susie Potter Wease is the Event Director and U12 Coach with Kings Mountain Soccer Club.  Her along with her husband, Brett, and son, Beckett reside in Cleveland County. Susie is no stranger to the soccer field as she has held numerous all-conference awards, and also represented the West Team in the East/West All-Star game years back when she played for Kings Mountain High School.  Susie spent her college time at NC State and Appalachian State and now works full-time as a stay-at-home mom. Susie is super excited about Kings Mountain Soccer Club and encourages kids and parents to get involved and get active!