All coaches must have a combined 15 years of coaching and/or playing experience OR hold (or be in pursuit of) a USSF License. Learn more about licensing here. The coach must also be willing to submit a background check and reside in the Greater Kings Mountain Area. 

Interested in volunteer coaching? Read the job description and Inquire here

Academy Coaches:

Alex Sellers, Chad Wright, Chase Yow, Conrad Martin, Dan Potter, Daniel Carley, Dawn Bert, David McDaniel, Heather Kubu, Jeff Carley, John Harris III, JonMark Smith, Katherine Martin, Lesley Deaton, Mackenzie Ramsey, Olivia Martin, Sri Rithiphone, Susie Wease, Tyler Deaton, Weston Harmon

Competitive Coaches:

Tyler Deaton

David McDaniel

Sarah Drennan 

Steven Steele

Maggie Lloyd

Chelsea Champion

Craig Meglii

Tim Johnson

Leadership/Board Team:

Tyler Deaton (President, Executive Director)

Dan Potter (Vice President, Director of Coaching)

Sean Ramsey (Director of Strategic Development)

Heather Kubu (Board Secretary)

Dr. Jeff Carley (Board Treasurer)

Dr. Conrad Martin (Board)

Administrative Staff:

Tyler Deaton (Executive Director)

Dawn D'Angelo (Administrative Assistant)

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