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GCCSA East Academy

"Committed to Development."



*All KM Crown Coaches are SafeSport Trained


There have been multiple occasions throughout soccer history in the greater Cleveland Area when players from East Cleveland County have driven to Gardner-Webb University to be part of the GCCSA. However, one of the most significant obstacles for people in eastern Cleveland County and Western Gaston County to quality soccer development is the drive to practices and games. Additionally, there hasn't been an opportunity like this in place where there is an existing program (Kings Mountain Soccer Club) with existing leadership.

More specifically, this is what partnering with the GCCSA does for players in East Cleveland County and West Gaston County. 

  • It will allow players game access at the brand new Hannah Park in Shelby

  • It will allow players more local competition with intra-club games between the "East Academy" and "West Academy".

  • It will allow us to create multiple teams within the same age group in order to offer appropriate training based on their current level of player development.

  • It will allow us to generally keep match days closer with multiple "home games". 



Our goal is to help build your child's skill and character. It's that simple. We want to offer this higher level of play in and around the Shelby, Kings Mountain, Bessemer City, and Cherryville Communities to help challenge young, inspired, and gifted players. 


Our intention is to keep this program both accessible (local) and affordable (cost-effective). We will avoid any regular, overnight tournaments and steward the funds we have with precision and accuracy. Each year will consist of a Fall and Spring Season both containing around 12-15 match games per season. The total cost per year is around $400-700/Player depending on the age group. 



Per every season, we will have around 6-8 weekends (mostly Saturdays) with two training sessions scheduled during the week. For older age groups, this might be three practices.  Our primary commitment will be to your child. We prioritize God and Family before Soccer (or any sport).


Tryouts take place during late Spring of each year.. You can see the US Club Soccer Birth Chart here for information regarding your child's age group and birth year. Currently, we offer teams up to the U16 Age Group beginning at the U8 Age Group with boys and girls on separate teams. Click here to register for 2019-2020 tryouts.


The majority of games will be played in the Charlotte Area with possibility of a tournament that may require weekend travel. Training Sessions will be played locally in the greater Kings Mountain & Bessemer City Areas.

2018-2019 COACHES

U9/U10 Girls -- Tyler Deaton, David McDaniel, Sarah Drennan

U9/U10 Boys -- Chelsea Champion, Mark Tolan

U12 Boys -- Dave Davis, Sergio Suarez

U15/U16 Boys -- Craig Meglii, Tim Johnson 


As human beings, we  are “Created in the Image of God”. What does this mean? 

It means that we are the crowning work of God’s creation worthy of love, dignity, and respect regardless of things like age, race, gender, or class. 

Now, imagine for a moment if we got this right. If we began treating one another “like the crowning work” of God’s creation? 

Here’s what it means at Kings Mountain Soccer Club: It means that we’ll do our very best to create a culture of love, dignity, and respect regardless of a player’s ethnic, social, or religious background. It means that we will do our best to create systems and structures that allow players access to development based on where they are in skill, not based on race, how much money they do or don’t have, or which neighborhood they live. 

Kids from different backgrounds playing together will strengthen a team, not weaken it. 

So, if all human beings, if you, your child, your child’s coach are created in the image of God and have an elevated dignity, value, and worth above all other things in creation, it changes how we view ourselves and others, and in this case, how we as coaches, parents, and players interact with one another. 


Is the KM Crown or any soccer club or sports team the solution to the brokenness that exists surrounding our view of self, others, and ultimately God? No. But the church is... So, get involved in a church that teaches the Bible because the Bible is where this comes from -- that is, this truth that we (human beings) are the crowning work of God’s Creation worthy of love, dignity, and respect regardless of things like age, race, gender, or class. The only fix to our brokenness is Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life we could never live and died a death that only we deserved, and then conquered sin, hell, and death when he rose from the grave. Jesus took our sin, our brokenness, and bled and died for it. Now, we’re free from the bondage of sin and free from having to earn God’s grace and forgiveness. So, you can turn from sin not because of what you’re running from, but because of what you’re running to: the open Arms is Christ. So, turn toward him and believe. Contact us if you have questions about this. We would love to listen and speak with you.


Players will be invited to play based on skill. As a parent, you need to be aware that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be shared with your child and that prayer to the one and only Living God will happen regularly as a team. If you are okay with this, we welcome you and your son or daughter regardless of your present relationship (or lack thereof) with God.  


Question 1:

What if I can't afford the cost?

Answer: We really want this competitive level of play to be affordable to your family and while our costs are far less than the vast majority of most Soccer Clubs for this level, we absolutely do not want it to be a barrier for your child to play assuming he/she he ready for this level of competition. Without over-promising and under-delivering, we can tell you that some key sponsors are stepping up to help offset costs for certain age groups. We hope to see those sponsors continue to pour in.


Question 2:

If I accept a player position on behalf of my child, am I committing to the Fall and Spring Seasons (AKA: Year Around)?

While we prefer your child play two seasons in a row with us, we are not placing any hard and fast rules on length of commitment outside of "one season". Playing together and working together over time will lead to greater continuity and cohesiveness, however, we value the fact that children should not be locked into one sport forever. We encourage multiple sports. One option is to play Fall and Spring Competitive Soccer with the KM Crown and consider allowing your child to play Winter or Summer Basketball. There are other options for other sports such as baseball and softball as well -- and it's possible that your child could play both at once depending on the Rec League time commitment.


Question 3:

Can my child play Rec League Soccer and play for the KM Crown during the same season?

We do not recommend your child attempting to play recreation level and a higher competitive level at the same time. We do not feel that doing both at once is a worthy investment of time as it relates to player development. Some players need to be playing recreation while others need to be playing more competitively.


Question 4:

What does the "U" really mean when you say "U8", "U10", "U12", etc...?

The "U" means "under" and our US Club Soccer Governing Body means that literally. See the US Club Soccer birth year age chart here to help gain a proper understanding.


Question 5:

Are coaches already selected for the KM Crown Teams?

We are working to fill these roles daily. We are looking for coaches with playing experience who is  well organized, has high energy, is likeable, and is willing to obtain proper coaching licensing with US Soccer. Our philosophy on this is simple: We will not have a team that does not have a good/quality coach in place. If you think you might be interested in coaching at this level, reach out to us here.


Question 6:

What if I'm not sure if my child is "good enough" for this level of play?

This is exactly the purpose of the tryout. If you want your child to play at this level, allow him/her to attend the tryout. It will be a fun and encouraging atmosphere with coaches focused on what's best for the player to help keep them challenged. It's not about "making the team", it's about staying challenged!