Kings Mountain Soccer Club is a non-profit, community development organization designed to help players develop skills for the next level and reach their highest potential possible. We offer camps, an academy program, and competitive teams for players ready for the next level of play. Ultimately, KMSC is an altruistic, community-driven training program for young, inspired soccer players of all backgrounds who want to improve technically and tactically.

As former players and coaches, we want to be generous with our time. We want to give back to the community we call home. We want to see players all across the Kings Mountain Area engage in the sport and develop individual skills. No matter where players are in their development, they need to be appropriately challenged.

Watch Dan Potter introduce the early concept of KMSC in early 2018. We've evolved from an academy only to now offering multiple soccer camps and a competitive level of play. We have the same goals in mind: "To be affordable and accessible to young, inspired players".

Our Goal

Kings Mountain Soccer Club aims to be the most helpful & accessible academy and competitive program possible in the Greater Kings Mountain Area by providing training resources and environments for players to reach their maximum potential.

Our Philosophy

Ask yourself this question: 
"How many times did my child touch the ball in his/her last soccer game?"

Likely, your answer to that question is less than twenty touches per game (if that). If our kids are to excel at this sport, they must regularly be in contact with the soccer ball. We want players to have many hundreds of touches every time we gather. This will dramatically improve not only their individual skill with the ball, but it will also increase their confidence and awareness of the game leading to greater enjoyment and more fun .

Our philosophy is simple: To maximize player interaction with the ball through appropriate emphasis on technical training through all KMSC Gatherings & Programs. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help grow and develop your child/player in skill, character, and fitness. In partnership with the parent(s), we will use every opportunity to teach, to train, and to coach players to help prepare them for life, not in the name of a person or organization, but in the name and for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

Distinctives & Values




  1. Accessibility -- We are passionate about the accessibility of quality training for young, inspired players.

  2. Character Development -- We are committed to character development through three curriculum categories: skills (head), nutrition & fitness (body), and character (heart).

  3. Parent Resourcing -- We zealously desire to resource parents in order to help the player reach their highest potential possible.

  4. Community Partnership -- We recognize that coaches and parents must partner together with those in the community to help boost local awareness of the sport.

  5. Flexibility -- We embrace the fact that we live in a particular context and culture that may require adjustments to our set curriculum in order to maximize player and parent involvement through regular player and coach evaluation.




  1. Fun -- Enjoyment of the game through heightened awareness

  2. Hard Work -- More touches equal more skill

  3. Attitude -- Coaches train kids and parents, parents parent & coach kids, kids respect coaches and parents  

    4. Diversity -- Diverse Club Community